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Size Guide

The products that you will find in Impala Vintage have the original sizes, however, since most of our products are vintage, the cut is different from the clothes that are made today. Therefore, you can find in each garment:

Garment size: Size that comes on the garment label.

Current equivalent size: Approximate equivalent size to current sizes.

To be more exact, we also measure each of the garments. We leave you here below the different measures taken in each product so that it is easier to get an idea of ​​what this is like.


Length: Measured from the front from the top right in the center of the garment (considering the zipper if it has) to the bottom of the garment.

Width: Measured from one seam to the other of the sides just below the seams of the sleeves. **

** As for denim jackets and bombers, the stockings are taken from one seam to the other of the sides but in these cases they are taken from the middle of the seams of the sleeves (the widest area of ​​the garment). < / p>

Sleeve length: Measured from the top seam of the shoulder to the seam of the outside of the wrist.


Length: Measured from the top of the pants to the bottom of the leg.

Width: Measured across the waist / hip from the side seam to the other side seam.

Inside length: Measured on the inside of the leg from the crotch seam to the bottom seam.

* If you need other types of measurements or if you have any questions, write us an email to info@impalavintage.com.

** Measurements may vary slightly from the actual lengths of each garment.